Saturday, November 30, 2013

11.30.13 Quick check on the Roscoe house.....and bringing home the Christmas tree


     Cindy and I and Erin and the dog took a ride up to Roscoe for the day. Base camp for the Upper Delaware 2014 season is coming along nicely. This coming spring I'll be staying in the Roscoe house and passing on the comforts, and closer location, of the Capra. Recently we had some tree work done around the property and had a new roof and basement door installed. With new electric service in all we need to do is get a plumber in there and it will be just like home. While we were there I threw the switch on the Christmas tree that we keep up all year round, it's finally in season!

     While I was up there I had to position the boat for the winter. I had to chip some ice off the cover and get her stern in the air so she drains. Everyone knows I love the stripers, but it only takes a quick


visit upstate to remember all that is good and what I love about the Upper Delaware. We had a quick visit before hitting Roscoe to take part in "Shop Local Saturday". We hit a few stores in town and of course bought something in each. We hit The Fisherman's Wife, The Beaverkill Angler, The Little Store, the "new" Roscoe Fine Wine and Spirits, and dined at New York City Gyro - a nice country meal!

     During lunch Erin got teary eyed because she said we didn't stay in Roscoe long enough. It was 23 degrees around the house, and my Crocs weren't repelling the snow and cold too well. She said she wanted an adventure, so after lunch we went back.
     Years ago on the property Christmas trees were planted and they grew quite large. Cindy suggested we look for a small one to take home back to New Jersey. Luckily I had left my chainsaw in Roscoe so I grabbed it and off we went. We soon found the perfect tree, although kind of Charlie Brown Chritmassy looking. It looked like it wanted to be harvested. It was bare on the bottom and only green up top.
     As the girls and Lola watched I Edward Scizzorhands that tree down in no time. We had the Jeep Compass with us and it has no roof rack so securing it down was a little bit of a chore. We tied rope around the tree to slim it down and placed it on the roof and tied the rope through the rear windows and closed the windows tight. And off we went.

     We made it back to New Jersey and had a tree raising just after 8 o'clock. It's a little uneven, kind of bare in some spots, and leans to the right no matter how you adjust it, but for our family this year it is the perfect Christmas tree.

And it wouldn't have happened without a few alligator tears and the quest for an adventure from Erin.