Wednesday, November 20, 2013

11.20.13 While the fisherman are away.....Long Branch beach replenishment starts today

     So as the throngs of fisherman head down to Salmon River south....wait a minute....maybe that's not fair. I was there yesterday, who am I to take shots at anyone. Truth be told, the fish, a large body of them, are south. Find the birds, find the bait, find the bass. Even if that means traveling further than you normally travel to fish. No doubt, as they say, it could be a shit show when you get there. I don't feel bad for the traveling angler, I do feel bad for the regulars of a spot when 1,000 others show up, fish till there's no more fish, and then leave.

     While everyone was out of town the beach "nourishment" project started in Long Branch. They have been prepping for weeks but today the big boat pulled up and the pumping began. This phase will pump sand from behind Pier Village down to Lake Takanasee. In it's wake the great series of groins in the below picture will be covered. But soon enough Mother Nature will undo this waste of time project.
The image was taken from the steps at West End Ave looking north taken a week ago.

      Today I stayed put. I wanted to find a bass in my backyard. The water looked great, although the NNE winds at 20-25 made it hard fishing the north side of the rocks, and the 37 degree air temps had my fingers numb rather quickly. At times my casts would only go 15 feet. However, I'd rather fish the north side tight than let my cast go with the wind 100 feet on the less fishy looking south side. I moved a few times without a bump. There were birds working a few miles of and I wasn't going to stick around waiting to see if they would come in.

For those clients waiting to get a boat day in this Friday, the 22nd, will be a go day. Call or email me and I will fill you in on the plan, which will start early and launching from a different location. My number is 732.261.7291. It will be a full day, and I'm thinking a good one.