Friday, November 8, 2013

11.08.13 Four days away from the Jersey Shore....

     Wow. This will be like therapy. Just as things are looking like they are starting to heat up I am heading out. Who's idea was this? It was mine.

     My daughter is going to University of Rhode Island for the weekend to check out the college and visit a friend. I had the great idea to drive her up there and spend a few days in Newport with my wife before driving home Sunday and hitting University of Maryland at Baltimore County (UMBC) with my son on Monday.

You know what, it was a good idea. It's time to step away from the beach and boat for a few days.

With walk and wade and boat trips on the schedule for next week these few days away will be a welcome for me, and my wife who's sleep is constantly disrupted as I leave to guide or fish, or am not there because I am guiding or fishing.

Of course, I will bring one rod and a few flies. Steve, who used to work at The Saltwater Edge tells me there's still schoolies around so maybe, just maybe I'll take a few casts while I'm up there.