Saturday, November 2, 2013

11.02.13 I learn something every time I go out....


     .....early this morning while on the rocks I learned I should hit the snooze button sometimes.

     Had my alarm set for two times, 230 a.m., to possibly fish the mid flood tide before the surf kicks up, and, if I hit the snooze button, 520 a.m., to get up and get ready for a college visit at Towson University in Maryland with my oldest son.
    Of course I got up to fish and had the whole groin to myself for about an hour and a half. I fished without a bump and was mad at myself for even being out there, knowing I'd probably hit the wall late this afternoon. As I was leaving the parking lot started to fill up, maybe the later shift will do better, at least they'll be more rested.

But hey, if you don't have a fly in the water you'll never catch a fish.