Wednesday, November 27, 2013

11.27.13 I thought I was nuts for being out.....

     Got down to the water about an hour into the flood tide. Wasn't figuring to wake up to 62 degree air temps, but by the time I was on the rocks it had dropped to 52. Big waves, big water, lots of white water, but underneath was real off color. Went to work in between the sets with a chartreuse Snake Fly


tied on a 12 inch leader of 20 lb. fluoro. Stayed in the pockets and got out without a bite, but more importantly not losing my fly line as the waves pushed it into the rocks. Fishing this type of water calls for sinking lines and a short leader no doubt. Below is a pic of the set up I use. Went to a second spot

looking to see if anyone else was fishing but no one was. There were some people watching a lone surfer tried like heck to get out to the big waves. I watched for a little bit but then grabbed my camera and watched him work hard but finally get out. I stayed as he caught a wave wishing I had a longer lens on my camera. Below are some of the images I made.