Monday, November 25, 2013

11.25.13 'Peanuts, get your warm, well chilly, peanuts"

     Of course if was a chilly morning out there, but more on that later. WNW wind at 10-15 had the ocean flat calm but there was signs of life. Did see the birds in closer than I have seen and there was the occasional blow up underneath them. Great day to be out there in the boat.
     I drove around a bunch at first but settled in on a spot and threw a baitfish fly with out a bump. At one point saw a small pod of peanut bunker running right alongside the rocks, and a nice side striper shadowing them where the rocks met the sand. It was really cool to see. A bunch of casts in that direction didn't produce.
     As I fished alone, for miles either way, I saw this black cloud approaching me in the water. It followed the beach and then it the rocks, swam along the rocks to right in front of me, and then back down to the other side of the beach. I took out my point and shoot camera wishing I had my "pro" setup with a polarizing filter.
     It was peanut bunker and I made a bunch of casts trying to snag one for a photo. Find the birds, find the bait, and you should find the bass. No doubt the bass are around, and will push in on that bait, you just don't know when.

     I started to get a little cold and my fingertips were getting numb. I figured it was time to leave until I saw the guy below walk onto the beach, strip down, and dive into the water. He stayed in for about 15 minutes doing a lap up and down the beach. Watching him get out of the water made me more cold then I already was. Hey, to each his own. But I have to figure he won't warm up till tomorrow!

                                  Off to a photo shoot today, hope I don't miss the blitz.