Sunday, November 24, 2013

11.24.13 Perfect day for some father and son fishing......

     Nice to sleep in this morning. Got out in the nice brisk temps which was 23 degrees but in the teens with the wind chill. Contemplated walking the beach on the start of the incoming tide but decided to watch and wait in the comfort of a heated truck and a warm coffee. Listened to talk radio and the predictions of todays NFL games. Saw a good amount of birds working off the beach a ways which was encouraging. Had another angler pull up next to me and we shot the breeze about the recent conditions and fishing. 
     I was just ready to call it a day around 8 without even wetting a line when I saw a brave angler parking his truck getting ready to fish. At first I didn't see his fishing partner, probably because he wasn't taller than the tailgate of the truck. His dad said he just really wanted to fish today and he didn't care about how cold it was. Scanning the beach and groins from left to right these two were the only anglers out on this morning. 
     One day this boy will be telling the story of how his dad used to take him fishing in even the most harshest of conditions. I wonder how many striped bass he would have caught between now and then and if he will one day take his kids fishing on the same beaches.