Saturday, November 16, 2013

11.14.13 Had the beach all to myself.....

     With the boat down and at the marina for hopefully a quick fix todays boat trip was cancelled. It's a real bummer as today is a great day to be fly fishing for striped bass. Although I watched a ton of boats leave the inlet and follow the longshore drift to where the bass are in good numbers and biting, it should still be a good day. That's if everyone on the beach and in the boats play nice.
     So I threw myself a pity party and hit a beach where I new there were no fish. 90% of the New Jersey anglers are bottled up on the beaches in about 4 towns, I went to be alone. Started out walking two beaches in the dark with a Pulse Disc led sand eel fly and got no interest. There were a few anglers out and I didn't see anyone get a bite. I traveled down to a town that had about 4 anglers spread out over a mile. Found a cool notched groin bowl and worked a Snake Fly threw it and around the groin tip and back the other side without a tap. Flat water, not much for birds, and not a splash or swirl up top.

I am sure that's not the case where everyone else is this morning.