Wednesday, February 29, 2012

02.29.12 Former Fly Hatch owner co-takes top prize in the 2012 Salty Fly Tourney

Salty Fly image
     Most readers of this blog no doubtfully remember The Fly hatch and its' owner Dave Choinard. I was lucky enough to meet Dave, Dave "Frazz" Frazzinelli, and Darren back when the store was on Broad Street in Red Bank. I was a customer from then through the move to Shrewsbury until Dave and the fan damily moved down to Tampa. I even worked at the shop for a few years helping out around the holidays and prepping, working at, and then breaking down the Somerset Show, or when the crew went fishing or at to the big show in Denver. 
    I was always impressed with Dave's knowledge about anything to do with fly fishing. You could jump from Jones Brothers boats to fly tying to the drag systems on fly reels and he wouldn't stop from sentence to sentence. Some say, Dave was a salesman first - well he was- he ran a business that most of us came to miss and wish we had it back to this day. 

    Alright, enough about waxing poetic on Dave. Final word. I always liked talking, helping, fishing, or just hanging with Dave and I'm glad Jen and the boys are doing well in Tampa and him well with Simms.

If you are traveling down to Tampa Bay and want to fish for redfish, tarpon, and trout give drop Dave 
an email and set something up, or just drop him a line and say hi-

G.Loomis Skiff Casting Challenge
     So anyway the other day I saw a Facebook post about the winners this past weekends 2012 Salty Fly Tournament held in Tampa Bay. The tournament was started by Florida based photographer Sam Root. This is the second year of the competition that brings out the top guides in a performance shoot out. One of the parts was the G.Loomis sponsored Skiff Casting Challenge. Dave was teamed up with Captain Colby Hane and  during their heat Dave had to take a dive in the water to retrieve a stuck-in-the-mud pole. They went on to place first and each received  a G.Loomis rod and trophy. 

Thanks to Joshua Maitland for sharing this pic!
Salty Fly image