Saturday, February 11, 2012

02.11.12 A face only a mother could love

     After getting home from Captain school and dinner with mom I had to step away from the books and get out for a bit. Heard of a good bite last night so I went out on the incoming for a little while. It was 33 degrees out and snowing lightly with a howling NW wind. I tried to fish the white water on the north side of the rocks but had to give up after several casts that blew my fly line back into me. I stayed in Asbury for a while before heading up north a bit. I found a nice protected spot and fished the south side pocket. I hooked a nice fish way out and was able to land it on the beach. I made a few pictures and was able to get a look at its mug. That's one ugly fish but thankfully I was able to get a good corner  mouth hook set. It was the only bump I got but I'll take it anytime.