Sunday, February 26, 2012

02.26.12 Went down and found kayakers getting ready to launch

     Went down to see how things looked today as the wind has been howling and the water dirtied up the last few days. Well things are looking good today with a W wind that should sit down even more then is was when I was there and water clarity that is back to fishable. I talked with a guy whose friend did well last night although he had to brave the wind and cold into hooking up.

     Today a haf a dozen kayakers were on the boards in Allenhurst preparing for an outing that they say could last until sunset. That' s a long time on your butt and on the water. But these guys really do get on the fish and cover around a mile up, down and out from where they put in. I met a few of them last week after they had a real good day on the water, with bass blowing up on sand eels all around them as the sun went down.