Wednesday, February 8, 2012

02.08.12 Late night bassin tonight draws a blank for me...good fishing for friends this morning

     Today while on a shoot I got a few text images from guys who have got some really nice fish over the last two days. My buddy Rich got the above fish this morning under birds that were picking on sand eels. This fish weighed 20 pounds.
     I gave it a go tonight working off the rocks from 730-1030 pm without a bump. Hit the end of the incoming, slack high, and the outgoing and didn't move a fish. I threw everything I had. A few spin anglers were out and they didn't get anything either.

You just gotta stay with it and hope you are there when they feed. It ain't over yet.

Two sources, NOAA and Magic Seaweed, list the ocean temp as 44. The lower end of the stripers comfort range, but perfect for the sand eels. We'll see.