Thursday, February 23, 2012

02.23.12 Remember to "match the hatch" in the salt...stoneflies are coming off!

     As a fly fisherman I always try and match the hatch...I do it on the Upper Delaware when the Hendricksons or Blue Quills are coming off...or when the stripers are on rainbait or spearing. Yesterday  Blitzbound Captain Jason Dapra told me he went trout fishing and had fish rising to little black stoneflies. This time of year year fly fisherman key on blue winged olives and little stoneflies which in the pursuit of winter trout. I remember two years ago I took the short, well long, drive to the Lackawanna and had BWO's on the surface of the water and stoneflies crawling in the snow underfoot.

So today I took a ride down to the water to see if the birds were back picking crabs off the fronts of the rocks or on bait a little offshore. I found some guys throwing Bombers or metal and went to make some images. As I leaned on the concrete wall I was surprised to find lots of stoneflies sunning themselves in the early morning sun. I gently grabbed a few and then they took off after several seconds.

So, if you go out today, bring your Clousers, crab flies, and stoneflies in sized 14 and 16's.