Monday, February 20, 2012

02.20.12 Looks like those rock crabs may be "hatching" again

     Got crabs? After trying to digest and figure everything out that's going on with the bait, birds and bass I broke from studying and took a ride down to the water. Based on what I've heard lately I expected to find birds a ways out over unknown bait which is being crashed by stripers. However, when I got down to the rocks and put on a long lens with and extender I found birds picking at rock crabs on the end of the outgoing tide. It's a new moon and it's looking like it did during last months new and full moon. I watched as the birds hovered around the now exposed rocks and picked off crab after crab after crab.


It is such a screwy fall run? well winter no into spring that I hate to repeat or pass info on that I only hear and don't see.

Well I can say this, I haven't seen a bunker, nor a sand eel in a bit, but the crabs are obviously back, and, even though there's a N wind and it feels a little cold out, the water temps are today at 44 degrees.