Wednesday, February 1, 2012

02.01.12 Got a February I'm really done

1250 am February 1, 2012

     Since the last few days have been a bust striper fishing I decided that tonight it would be good. I was planning on getting out at 10 pm, and at 930 Joe called and said he was into fish. When I got don there he already had three, and was sitting on prime real estate on the rocks. It was a great night, wind SW and lots of chop and white water to work. I got into a precarious position and started casting. Soon Joe

had a nice 29" fish that made for a quick pic and them back in the water. I fished for a while with one fly and then decided to switch up. WARNING- make sure your line, especially sinking line, is secured in your stripping basket, or it just might wind up stuck in between the mussel covered rocks, as mine did. I tried everything short of risking falling in to get it and then had to pull it out. However, it parted. I tied the sinking to the running line with a know that held through the night but passing through the guides made casting a pain. I switched to a black Slider and hooked a nice fish only to have the hook snap with the fish at my feet.


    Joe called it a night and I stayed for a bit without getting a bump. I knew it was after midnight and I though about hitting another spot. I pulled into Asbury Park and and had it all to myself. Within 20 minutes I was making my way back to the beach with the above fish in tow.

A lot of anglers are looking for that February striper. I'm just glad I got my tonight. Now I am really done.