Monday, July 4, 2022

07.04.22 Happy July 4th

     Beautiful day this July 4th. It is the birthday of America, formally becoming a nation on July 4th, 1776. Sadly, today was marred by violence in Illinois, another mass shooting, this at a small town July 4th parade, several dead, dozens wounded. This is becoming too much. 

     I've made the switch, officially, from striped bass to snakeheads. The problem is, its a lot of watching and waiting and not casting, and not catching. The big reward will be when I get one in the 

tank. This morning I went upriver as their are reports from river rats that snakeheads have been seen in these parts. Not this morning. What is weird is casting into still water, and, realizing that I'm not all that and a bag of chips. Intermediate line with the above fly. If my goal is to get a fishes attention then I'm good at it. I need to get a full floating line, lengthen the leader, and practice a bit. 

      And for those that know or have partied at Tice's Shoal on the bay side of Island Beach State Park the above shot is how we do it out here on the Delaware River. Low tide, river running summer levels, and a holiday beautiful day mens boasts lined up on the shoal.