Sunday, July 3, 2022

07.03.22 Here we go with the Snakeheads...

      Had a great few days down at the Cape leaving just as the crowds started to build. By early Saturday morning there were pedestrians, golf carts, bicyclists, cars, motorcycles, and the horses that were getting ready for the holiday weekend. Glad to split and head home yesterday before the madness. Hate to say it, but someone is getting run over in Cape May this weekend. And don't you know it while writing this I did a quick search on Cape May news. A bicyclist was airlifted to a trauma center after being struck by a car in Cape May yesterday. Sad news. 

     Back home is was time to fish. On the water by 5am and I just couldn't pass up trying for a striped bass. Popped, nothing, big fly, nothing, smaller fly nothing. So at 730 I decided to hit the bayou and look for a snakehead. It was Jurassic Park conditions out there. Zero wind, 1,000 % humidity, biting flies all over the place, and sweat that filled my underwear in a matter of minutes. 

I walked and stopped and watched, then did it again, and again. Turtles everywhere swimming in the water that got my heart pumping when I would see a swirl on top, only to be disappointed when I would see their head pop up in the area. I jumped a few more spots before setting in to some fishy looking water on the outgoing tide. I was just panning from left to right and right to left when some 

slow movement caught my eye. I focused in and saw a nice sized snakehead in the shallow water. I tried to entice a strike but he just looked at it and eventually moved along. That was the only shot I had this morning. You can see the scene above and a little tighter view of what hunting snakeheadslook like in the water. I'm carrying the tank, although it's a pain. Time to view something else besides the striped bass for a while. One thing is for sure, these are shots, like sight fishing for striped bass. Lots of time hunting, little time blind casting, more days ahead without a fish in the tank.