Tuesday, January 31, 2017

01.30.17 Started on the beach.......Part2


      There she was, just as I left her after our May 2015 trip up at the West Branch Anglers. After this weekend at the FFS I got that Upper Delaware and guiding in general bug traveling through my veins. I think Sherri at FUDR set me off as we spoke about the One Bug this year. I didn't do it last year and it bothered me as I have a great time and more importantly it's for a great cause.

     So as I walked the beaches early yesterday morning I decided that I would run up to Roscoe and get my drift boat and bring it home to New Jersey to get it ready, once again, for the spring. Besides the frozen ice on top of the boat and the tires being frozen into the ground she was good to go. It took me awhile to chip the ice away but luckily the tree cover had rained enough down onto the cover to insulate the ice from sealing to it.

       Once free and a quick ride up the hill in a few inches of snow and I was on my way. It took a mile or so for the tires to heat up and then ride smooth. A stop at the Dette Pool parking on the Willow to make sure all of the ice and snow were off and to give it a once over and I was back on 17 heading to New Jersey. I left Red Bank at 815 and was back 3. even though it was in the low 20's it was good to smell that smell, walk on that grey wet dirt, and hear the river gurgle in the background.