Tuesday, January 3, 2017

01.03.17 Howling winds and big surf......

     So, I had a few New Year's resolutions. Stop fishing this winter and stop eating and spend the time that I would be on the beach in the gym, which is about 500 feet from my house. You can see from the top two pictures I'm not doing well. A scene from the beach today and last night's dinner, tacos and Mallowmars.

    After that healthy feast I did drag out the vise and cranked out a couple of flies that I thought might work today, if conditions didn't warrant Moses and his Arc cresting on the incoming waves. Black has been working in the low light and the chartreuse and white in the light. We'll see if they work.

      I checked the forecasted conditions last night and found it to be even more sporty than predicted. That NE wind was cranking' at better than 25, steady probably with gusts to 30+. I wanted to give it a go and mentally visualized every spot starting at Sandy Hook down to Manasquan. What I came up with was the south side of the Shark River Inlet. It was big but it was cool and fishable. The NE wind met the SE swell and the water had almost no sweep and kind of eddied right into the rocks. I had about an hour on the incoming tide, hours 2-3, before it started to get big and the water run up the

beach, bringing my sinking line and fly with it. It started to get off color and this evening the wind is going W, which could make for a good tomorrow if it cleans up a bit. This week the cold is coming in and todays 48 degree air temps won't be around.