Monday, January 30, 2017

01.30.17 Started on the beach.....Part 1

     Just needed to get out. I forgot my waders but I didn't care so it was Crocs on the rocks. I really wanted to see how some of my favorite places looked a week past the blow. Wow. That's all I can say. 
I think the below image really says it all, especially for anglers that have walked over that pole sticking out of the beach. Last week that wasn't visible. Thats a nine foot rod standing next to it, I would say Big Monmouth lost 5-6 feet of sand. I made some casts, of course not expecting anything, and that's what I got. It looked fishy and the birds were out looking and at times picking. Surf Cams have the water temp at 43 degrees......there are fish there if they are right. 

     I walked both Big and Little Monmouth and we are just about where we were before the destruction started and the sand and money started to flow. If you look you can see the troughs starting to carved in over the bar. For that remember, well you remember.

     Little Monmouth is just about back. Some can remember fishing from the rocks into deep water on a good tide and a few more storms and things will be back. Sad things in all of that sand just gets pulled out into the ocean covering so much natural underwater landscape. I wish Mike Laptew could bring his underwater cameras down and we could actually see what the ocean floor looks like along the Jersey Shore. This is the season between the shows and tying to get out and scout.....if you see a man standing on the beach shaking his head with his eyes down maybe that's Frank Pallone worried that the gig and the money and votes can't continue with such poor results to show for so much waste.