Tuesday, January 24, 2017

01.24.17 Canon sent them back for the garbage.....

     I have spent thousands of dollars of cameras over the years and my favorite has been the Canon Powershot G-12. My professional cameras were my workhorses but they are big and bulky and crying them while fishing is difficult and protecting them from the elements near impossible. But the G-12 is small, manual, shoots RAW, and is easy, well sometimes, to keep dry and warm.

     Last year I sent one G-12 for repair and Canon turned around and sent it back saying that there was too much salt damage to repair it. Over the summer the second one met the Adirondack lake water, only for a minute, and Canon sent that one back for the grave. Sadly they don't make it anymore, it's like five Powershot generations ago.

     Today while cleaning off my computer desk I was ready to throw them both in garbage. I'm not good with mechanics, or electronics, but I decided to open them up and see if I could figure out if they were beyond repair. Well five hours later I managed to salvage parts from both and have one rebuilt and functional G-12. These cameras have captured many a good shot and I have shared them with clients and made a lot of money with them selling the images for publication in magazines and books.

     In this day and age of everything being disposable....I was proud to bring one back to life.