Sunday, January 22, 2017

01.21.17 Always fun checking out the wintering seals....

     I told Erin that we were going on an adventure. We loaded up Bianca and headed out on a cloudy day. She didn't know where we were going even as we pulled into Sandy Hook and walked the bayside beach. As we got closer I handed her the binoculars and she gave it a look......"Seals". 

     When you step back for a minute it is really cool to think that not only is the wildlife that makes the Jersey water's either home or a vacation spot but that we are a vital link in the global enviroment for so many species. The force of the Gulf Stream and its effect on the climate along the East Coast is amazing when you start to read about. It has such an effect on so many fish and mammal species that we target and see during all parts of the year. 


     I find myself "overdoing" it sometimes about nature, and fishing, when we are out enjoying the outdoors. Not every lesson has to be verbalized. Just the experience at times is all that is needed.