Wednesday, January 18, 2017

01.18.17 Got a new fly tying buddy........


     So Erin came to me last night and said, "I want to tie a fly". What a sweet sound to a fly-fisher Dad's ears. I was talking to her about fishing yesterday and my need to tie an orangy colored fly and that must have peaked some interest. I had my tying stuff in my Regal bag so it was easy to just break it all open on the kitchen table. She picked her bucktail colors and we started her first saltwater fly tie.
She was very interested in each step and surprisingly had more patience then I did, or do, working with bucktail. She wanted to finish her fly off with eyes which she applied and we hit it with some CCG Tack Free. The best part was she asked when are we going to tie again.

        I did bang out an orange Deceiver with some crabby legs and fished hard for about 3 hours on the flood tide. Hit the rocks and walked the beach working the troughs but didn't get a touch, which surprised me. The NE swell and wind made enough white water which made it at least visually a bit better than yesterday's flat lake-like conditions.

    Finally, I am done. Kids back to school. Working more. And me starting school next week with two tougher subjects than last semester, one which is Pathophysiology, which I hear is a bitch. Next week its the Fly Fishing Show, which is always a good time for Theresa and I.