Wednesday, January 25, 2017

01.25.17 New years resolution....shoot more video this year

     After putting my fishing gear away and gearing up for the shows, some talks, and spring fishing I have decided this year to shoot more video and produce short movies on most of the outings that I do in 2017. This fall, with the strong peanut bunker migration and good fall striper run, I saw some really good videos posted throughout social media. I have given videos a shot, but find the editing time just to much to deal with in feeding the blog. While still imagery if my favorite, I understand that todays viewers prefer seeing things in motion.

     Years ago my business partner in Agency New Jersey, our photo agency, we dabbled in video, more so my partner Marc than I. When I decided to go into guiding, and he working at Apple, he gave me one of the many GoPro's we had purchased. My GoPro Hero 3 has sat idle for years except for the few times where I have given it a shot. Below are a few that I did manage to shoot and make into a short movie.

     While GoPro has made advances since the Hero 3, I am going to stick with that model and get my feet wet before moving to a Hero 4 or 5. One this is that most of the accessories are greatly reduced in price. I just picked up an LCD Touch Bac so I can actually see what I am shooting and can make setting adjustments more easily. It should be a fun journey into the video world.