Saturday, January 14, 2017

01.14.17 Busted out some flies on the graveyard shift.......

     Since having that few days off in Atlantic City it was time to get back to work. Worked the two days and then followed day 2 with a few hours off before covering the midnight shift. I decided to bring my fly tying bag so while on break I could bang out some flies. It was nice, felt good, some came out okay, and I realized that I need to sink my teeth into Popovic's new book and really learn how to work with bucktail......consistently. Consistently like having two flies actually look alike.

     Since the hospital is down by the water I figured I'd give it a go after swiping out. I'm not even sure what the one-day-post-full-moon tide was doing but it looked just about hight tide. I fished in a spot but didn't like the water color so I moved and found better conditions but didn't get a bite.

    As you know I purchased a collapsable William Joseph stripping basket while in AC and today I gave it a go. One things for sure I didn't even feel like I had a basket on and the side and back support felt good and it didn't slide down a bit. Now there is nothing inside the basket to help with line tangles, and I escaped most of the one hour session without one, but in the end did have two occasions where the line found itself and knotted up. I think I can introduce something that will help. I also believe it easier to happen with a sinking line or tip compared to an intermediate or floating line. This is a good set-up during the right occasion. Great wet wading in summers, and even throwing line up on the Delaware.