Tuesday, January 17, 2017

01.17.17 When will it end....

     Did another shot tour at work today, just in time to catch the top of the tide. Had a spot cut off by the endless heavy machinery up and down the beach. I know they have been digging and sifting looking for wartime ordinances but this seemed more intense right are Marine Place. What a gold mine the Army Corp and Weeks Marine are hitting.....money to pump and spread, and then more money to sift and spread. I hit 8th Ave and enjoyed the nice weather throwing flies into the clear and flat water. Birds were floating or submerging looking for what I think

whatever is looking to eat from the ocean is eating.......crabs. I'm seeing lots on the beach and lots in the bird droppings on the rocks.....orange legs and shells and shit. I'm thinking that I might tie up some orangy stuff tonight and try it tomorrow since the weather looks non-January like.