Wednesday, January 25, 2017

01.25.17 What a difference a day makes....

     Today during my break at work I took a short walk up Pavilion Avenue to the beach to see how things looked a day after the Nor-easter. The west wind and a tame ocean had things looking bucolic, but the changes were evident. Millions of cubic yards of sand had made their way back into the ocean. Noticed groins can now be seen, where the beach ends were only covered days ago. Outflow pipes now stuck out of the sand. From pictures posted online it seems Ocean County and south saw the worst, or at least visually worst, erosion.

     Jonathan Marinari  posted the below picture on Facebook from Bayhead. While I'm not sure of the exact location, I don't remember seeing this scene as I traveled down that way during the fall when the bass were steady on the peanut bunker. Beach replenishment isn't the answer. How can any evaluation post storm lead anyone to believe that the current practices by the Army Corp. are beneficial or effective?

Jonathan Marinari photo from Facebook
     I also wanted to share a great video from Andre Malock and Matt Dowling from showing a drone view from some of those Ocean County beaches that were decimated by the storm.