Saturday, June 28, 2014

06.28.14 Beautiful first light trip with Noreen.....

     Had Noreen out at 5am throwing poppers into super fishy water. We watched and waited on every retrieve for a striped bass, of any size, to blow up on her topwater offering. As the sun rose on the flood tide we moved to the front of the groin timing each wave to make a good cast, and, not get saturated from a breaking wave. Well, she made good casts and we get drenched from the crashing waves.

     We took a short ride and fished on this beat more from the beach using a sinking line to cover the trough looking for any bass and fluke prowling around. We had a few hits and then one bit down hard and we got it to hand for a quick pic. It was a great morning, with a beautiful sunrise, and I look forward to fishing again with her in the fall, when hopefully the surf is teeming with bait and bass.

      For the new or crossover fly rodder these early morning summer trips are great. Start and end early (5-9am), get to use some different rods with different lines, use and embrace and come to love ( yes you Noreen) all the goodness that a stripping basket offers, try flies from top to bottom, experience from the rocks and beach, and work on your casting, and just have fun!

    I am off to the Upper Delaware for a float trip on Sunday. I am available for Monday.....either a float trip on the Mainstem of the Delaware or an afternoon boat trip on the Jersey Shore. 

First call will dictate where I'll be on Monday....either way it's all good....732.261.7291