Tuesday, June 24, 2014

06.24.14 I got one.......

     Headed back out today in the slop heading south into a stiff southeast wind...which plain sucked. Found some bunker pods tight to the beach where the surf guys had good fish last night but didn't find a mark. Casted fly rod poppers and bunker flies deep and the only "tug" I felt was from this menhaden that I snagged on my retrieve. Stayed out a few hours before heading back in. Wish I had my fluke stuff as I could have made a few drifts in the protection of land to pick up dinner.

     On the way home I looked over and noticed the flag perched on the wall. Looks like the wind will be here for another day or so and then Thursday and Friday look promising.

     I have the boat open for a Friday afternoon into evening trip. Call 732.261.7291.