Friday, June 27, 2014

06.27.14 You don't know if you don't go.........

     I couldn't wait to go this morning. Tossed and turned all night. Last night the seas were flat with an easy west wind and flat seas. Now I knew that it was going to go east and it would get a little sloppy as the day went on.....but we'd be good at first light.....or so I thought.

     As I left the house I checked out the wind app.....east 9 with gusts to 16 and seas 3.8 feet. Shit. Then I got the lunches and ice still not wanting to cancel. I stopped in Allenhurst and tried to see the ocean but at 330 it was pretty dark.....but I was hopeful.

     I got to the marina and we waited......and then I made the call just as I was starting to get the boat ready. The bay was flat, we would take a beating out front, it would be hard to find the bunker, and searching and waiting to see bass on top might be more difficult then it is on a clear and flat day.

     Oh well, we gave it a college try. There will be another shot early next week if we can catch the wind and seas right hopefully before the bass move on, and while there's still a few left swimming after an aggressive pounding they have been taking since, say April.

     On the way home I stopped in Deal and found great wading conditions. Clear and clean with plenty of white water....another perfect day. I quickly grabbed my waders and hit the groin. There HAS to be some bass in this. Well up and back without a bump with a Deceiver on a sinking line. Again, disappointing. But hey, "You don't know until you throw......"