Tuesday, June 24, 2014

06.24.14 Here's an update on the Elberon to Loch Arbor beach replenishment project......

Marine Place
     Here's the latest in regards to the Elberon to Loch Arbor project. It comes from a Frank Pallone press release after a meeting was held between ACOE and himself in response to the public outcry and demonstration we held at Deal Lake in April. It proves making some noise can help.

The original plan called for six groins to be notched....that has been reduced to three. There is also talk of having a "soft" notch so you can still access the tip at low tides. They are.....

Marine Place

The ones not being touched are,


In addition the 8th Ave (Deal Lake Flume) groin will have an electronic gate installed that will be used to clear sand from the outflow to facilitate water movement in and out, to alleviate flooding, and to allow herring access into Deal Lake to spawn. The original plan called for extending the flume out to prohibit sand accumulation at the end of the outflow.

Now, the plan also calls for the modification of 16 outflows in that stretch and the construction of a berm and beach which may extend, from what I have heard, 300 feet out from the buckheads.

I have the blueprints on the proposed plan so I will see exactly how far out we're talking.

Either way, this sucks. Hopefully by the time they get started the beaches they have already screwed up will get back to some type of normalcy, although the damage has already been done.