Thursday, June 5, 2014

06.05.14 Today the early bird gets.....saturated

     Really wanted to head out front before heading back up to the Delaware for a one-and-done Friday float trip. Knew that rain was on the way and there would be some varying winds with a chop. Things got sporty rounding the hook and it was saucy just about the whole three hours In was out. Rode the line down a few towns and zig-zagged my way back up working in and out. Marked some fish and went into drive and fly fish mode......not easy on a day like this. Lucky I had my life jacket on the whole time.....took my eyes off for a minute....big wave hit the port side.....I almost took a header on the starboard side.
     Really only stopped to fish for about 20 minutes as I was focused on finding and then fishing to some fish. In was glad to hit the dock and get everything cleaned up and my truck switched over from the salt stuff to the Delaware stuff. This will be my last float up on the D till the end of the month where I have a trio of trips to work. Before that I'll be on a little get-away as I'll be heading to Martha's Vineyard for a week of striper fishing starting next Wednesday.

Below is a little GoPro test video I did this morning.....