Monday, June 23, 2014

06.22.14 Great afternoon out with Andrew....

     The fun continued tonight with Andrew, again, as we put some time and miles in to find some nice big bass blowing up on bunker. What was cool was throwing the hookless pencil popper to the bunker pod that was getting attacked and seeing the wolfpack break off and follow it......and the above beauty was the first to it. 

     We found lots of birds over the bunker and gave chase, kind of like fall albie fishing and kind of like bluefish blitz fishing, but under the birds were bunker and bass. This was out best and real only shot and Andrew makes my job as a guide very easy. Below is the fly that he tied which has been getting all the love lately. 
     After we got back to the marina Andrew asked if I was chartered for tomorrow, I answered no, and he said, "Well, it's my day off......" and I knew where he was going. I said I was starting to feel like a dope dealer and that he really needed to relax and get off this shit....but...... I guess that's where the expression "The dug is the drug" came from. 

I'll expect a call from him in the morning and welcome him onboard tomorrow afternoon......unless you beat him to the phone. 732.261.7291