Wednesday, June 25, 2014

06.25.14 Hey, why not.....

     So when it gets tough you just have to think like a fish. It seems there's no bait in the ocean, except for the 1-2 pound bunker flipping happily or getting chased around by big blues and bass. Last week or so my 24" fluke had a handfull of crabs in its belly so before first light I figured I'd "match the hatch". 

               Fishing crab flies, out side of sight fishing, is like watching paint dry......twice. 

     It's a shorter cast with sinking line and a weighted crab fly and a slow retrieve followed by high sticking it near the rocks for that last minute before you pull it out of the water strike....but that didn't happen. 

     During the lean times its really hard to get motivated to fish, and then fish hard. Yes, its about being out there and "fishing not catching" but when you have little or no confidence that you're at least casting to a lose your edge. Case in point. This morning I was on a groin and fished it up and back with the crab and then a Deciever. I looked down to the next groin......and thought about the walk to and back.....and said forget it. That's what happens when there's no rod fish....around. 

     I was talking to a friend and said blogposts like these won't attract business for sure....well you have to keep it real. At least for now it seems that boat trips are the way to go.....I have an afternoon Friday opening.....or walk and wade introduction and lessons available.