Sunday, August 25, 2013

08.26.13 Basement surprise on the West Branch of the Delaware.....

     While up in Hancock NY for the kids fly fishing camp my friend Sherri invited fellow camp instructor and guide Charlie Limpert over for dinner. After a great burger, some local corn, and some cold beers Sherri told me she wanted to show me something.

     Sherri recently purchased the home from a gentleman's estate. He was a fly tyer and fisherman, and also a huge saltwater plug maker and user. She took me down to her basement and we went to work looking in very drawer only to find, plug, after plug, after plug, after popper, after popper, after plug. There must be close to 100 plugs and loads of metal and bucktails and hooks, just perfect for a saltwater fly fisherman.  We had a blast going through each box and drawer looking for the next treasure to "pop" out.
     When I got home I laid out some of the items we found and took a few shots. For a minute it looked like the plug makers tables at the Asbury Park Fisherman's Flea Market held each year at Convention Hall. To a fly fisherman this stuff looks foreign to us....but I wonder to an old time plug maker or thrower if this collection has a few treasures buried down deep.

I am going to enlist the help of a few guys from the Asbury Park Fishing Club that make plugs, I'll keep you posted if we hit gold.

And, I found a back up unit for my Jones Brothers, just in case.