Thursday, August 15, 2013

08.15.13 Had a nice late afternoon primer for the fall.....

     Had beginner fly fisherman Mike out for a late afternoon introduction to the salt. Recently retired Mike's looking for a challenge and hobby. He fishes, recently returning from a Florida trip where he landed 125 and 75 pound tarpon on the spin rod. He said it was quite the experience, and fight!
    Well we had a challenge this afternoon. S winds at 15-20 and just as the tide started to ebb. He did great trying all three types of fly lines and both weighted and unweighted flies. With a little practice and maybe an outing or two in slightly better conditions and he'll be ready for the fall.

    If you'd like and intro to fly fishing the salt or casting lessons please give me a call to set up a date. My number is 732.261.7291. I am also taking reservations for the fall starting in September through December for boat charters and walk and wade trips. If you are limited to weekends it's good to get a date for yourself before I am all booked up.