Sunday, August 18, 2013

08.18.13 Great morning out with Dave....then the fluke went on the bite

     Had new fly fisher Dave out his morning for some fly casting lessons and fly the fishing the surf instruction. We started on the grass going through all the basics before gearing up and heading to the beach. Had a steady east wind and waves breaking at our feet, creating plenty of fall like conditions and white water. With going "live" clients soon realize the added challenges of fishing the surf - wind, waves, using different lines and retrieves, and the always a favorite - the stripping basket.
     Dave is looking to fish the rivers, bays and ocean and today was a great, but frustrating at times, introduction to the salt. Him and I will be at it again in a few weeks just as the bait and fish start their fall moving.

     After the session and as the tide finished ebbing the fluke were on a mad bite. Chartreuse Deceivers on a 300 grain sinking line had their interest with five on the fly rod to keeper size was great for an hour or so. The below fish had white dorsal and pectoral fins, almost like it was the underside but reversed. I fished near a spin angler who must have landed a dozen while I was around, and he was at it before I got there and stayed when I left. I wouldn't be surprised if he wound up catching 30 for the day, although I don't know how his short to keeper ratio was looking.