Sunday, August 11, 2013

08.11.13 Fished through the night and went one for two....

     With low tide at 430 am and a high bright sun forecast for today I figured night time would be the right time. Anglers out using plugs or swimmers have caught bass at night up and down the shore the last few weeks so I decided I would give it a go on the fly rod. Fishing the night would still leave me the whole day Sunday to work on photo editing.
     I pulled into the beach at 123 am in a town I haven't fished in since the spring. I had the whole place to myself. I worked the groin on the north side and then walked the beach for a few hundred feet without a tail slap or splash.
     With a few hours left on the outgoing I jumped in my truck and moved a few towns away and went to work in the dark. There was still waves breaking in close and was surprised when my popper got hit on the crest of a wave. It was a nice fat and healthy bass that I hardly even touched. Beached on a wave and then the barbless hook backed out easily and back into the wash. Before I fish I always adjust the settings on my camera and wear it around my neck so the picture just takes a second. 
     I worked my way down the beach and had a violent blow up but the striper didn't bite down. I worked the same area and that fish for the next two hours, alternating between the popper and a black Kinky Muddler. As the sun rose I was joined by a few other fly and spin anglers and made a few casts with a Jiggy trying to move a fluke, but there were no takers. 
     One of the best parts of the night was casting off the beach and seeing the stars in the sky, and being treated to a large number shooting stars as they fell from the sky.