Friday, August 2, 2013

08.02.13 Picture perfect setting while fly fishing during a Jersey Shore sunrise....

     What more can you say. Absolutely gorgeous morning to be out wet wading and throwing flies to striped bass, and bluefish, at first light. When we talk about fishing we talk about windows of opportunity. In the summer months that window is the half of the day that goes from the evening hours to just after sunrise. Though fishing at night is rewarding and fun, sunsets and sunrises are not only beautiful but productive as well.
     Watching a popper as the light sets or rises splash across the surface and a blow up or tail slap on it is as good as it gets. Luckily this morning I had Joe out to share the beach and it gave me the opportunity to shoot subjects other than sunrises and schoolie bass.

     The morning started out at 430 am casting poppers in the dark and as the light arrived a bass hit it off the end of the groin. These fish are young, fresh, and put up a good fight. It's great practice before the fall run and the bigger fish arrive. Even though the rocks are productive I prefer working off the beach with the popper. Timing the waves, finding the current, and waiting on each retrieve following a good cast for something to bite.

     I jumped in my truck and changed locations and on my first cast had a bigger than usual bass blow up on it and go tight, only to have the fish come unbuttoned as it caught be off guard. I watched in the distance as a spin fisherman put on a one man clinic getting hooked up every time I looked up. I assume he was using a metal as there seems to be sand eels around and he was working the outer edges of the sand bars.
     I finished with a trio of bass and Joe caught a bluefish that went about 24 inches, and left it's mark on one of his sweet sheet foam poppers. There are plenty of great mornings to be had this summer and walk and wade trips run $200 for fours hours with and early start at 4am and finishing up around 8. If you'd like to enjoy a sunrise with a fly rod in hand give me a call 732.261.7291 to set up a trip.