Friday, August 9, 2013

08.09.13 Howling S wind and off color incoming tide....

     It didn't matter what town, beach, or groin you fished early this morning because the S wind was blowing steady 15 -20 right up the coast. The town I picked and more specifically the groin I started at looked good in the dark but I came to found out was Yoo-Hoo ish colored as the light appeared. Worked the top and went under without a bump over an hour or so. Moved down the beach and found better current and cleaner water on the third hour of the flooding tide. Managed a short fluke for a yeoman's job.
     I'm looking forward to the wind to spin around and come from the northeast. We need a good blow to shake things up a bit and get the bait all disoriented and the predator fish in close. Also, I am finding the beach structure has changed considerably in the last few months and the shoaling that is occurring needs to be broken up to make some structure that will hold fish. Hopefully that will all happen before the beach nourishment project arrives in Jetty Country.