Monday, August 5, 2013

08.05.13 Back at it after a few days away....

     Couldn't wait to get up and out there this morning. It was a fall like day with air temps in the 50's. A W wind and incoming tide with flat glass like conditions. Perfect popping morning. It was fun fishing into the first light and watching a few bass blow up on the Bob's Banger that I tied up last night.
     Just a few things that bummed me out a bit. One, the above pic is cool, but out of focus. I opted not to use the flash and didn't have enough light to shoot it at a higher shutter speed. Second, a good bluefish clean cut my tippet and my Banger was gone.


     After that I switched reels to a sinking line and went with a Pulse Disc led sand eel pattern. If there was a fish in the neighborhood it would have hit it because it swims in the water like a champ. I walked the beach down and up without a bump. The water stayed flat into high tide and the morning was over by 7 am. One thing that was encouraging was on just about every retrieve my fly was followed by something, sand eels, snappers, and even a short fluke. The water has life in it and with the cool temps things are looking great for late summer fishing.