Monday, August 19, 2013

08.19.13 Had my best sport out today....and put her on the fish

     Today was a day with no fishing...or so I thought. Slept in till 6 am and was up to see my oldest boy off to gt his drivers license today. The driving school picked him up at 645 and he was home by 830. He successfully passed his test. The next one goes in November when my daughter hits 17.
     So with no clients, and no time to check out first light, I planned on spending the day doing office work (my taxes!), answering emails, and confirming upcoming trips. I got a lot of work done and got all set for tomorrows trip when my daughter came in and said, "Dad, when are you gonna take me fishing?" It was like someone dragged a needle across a record.
     A little panic set in since I'm not zoned in on the kid-spinning-river-bay fishing. I figured there must be a ton of bait and snappers in the Shark River so we took the short drive there. We jumped into the pack of folks fishing near the boat ramp and after a few casts Erin was tight on a fine bluefish. We were


a Snapper Stopper and even though the blues were small they followed and swirls and splashed and bit it. We brought two to hand before heading home for dinner. Between the beach and the boat and the Upper Delaware I can say this is the first client that teared up and sniffled on the way back to the truck. Maybe that's why I didn't get a tip!