Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10.24.11 My Long Branch prediction was wrong..others got it right..and this sucks...

    Nice day down the shore. I predicted things would be good Tuesday morning in Long Branch and well...I was wrong. I stopped Surf Side Bait and Tackle and they hadn't had a single weigh in. I went and drove along the coast and found the same thing...flat, quiet, and empty. In Deal I did find one wrecked kayak, one lone bird, a lone surfer and a lone boat. It was nice to scout out some familiar spots as the tide was low. I always push doing this even when your not fishing. It's amazing what you can pick up in low water and turn into better fishing at a later time.
    I stopped by and talked to Max at Pride Fishing Tackle in Red Bank, he had four fish to 25 pounds weighed in today. From what I gathered it was guys fishing inside.

     And in the "Aw that sucks" category, tonight I had a small window to go fishing before the kids went down to bed. Drove to one of my favorite spots, on my favorite tide, put on my waders and stripping basket and pack and .....then realized I forgot both my fly rods at home.