Thursday, October 6, 2011

10.07.11 Slow morning...then into NYC to the Orvis Manhattan store.

     Started this morning in Avon at 430 and stayed for an hour throwing a Bob's Banger with no result. Went down to Deal and fished from top to bottom. Saw two pods of mullet and that was it. By seven the sun was bright and things looked dead.

Tonight I went into NYC with a friend and we visited the Orvis Manhattan store. It's at 44th and 5th Ave. Beautiful store that seems to hold almost everything that is in every catalog inside. Tonight was their Orvis Fall Days night. Wine, cheese and crackers and bread and a three piece band along with a $25 dollar coupon. I picked up some gloves and a few new flies Orvis puts out.

For those from the Jersey Shore and Northen New Jersey, this is your local Orvis shop so stay in touch, Rob Ceccarini the fly fishing manager always has something going on there, you can see their website HERE.