Sunday, October 9, 2011

10.09.11 Sometimes all it takes is one cast

     Slack high tide was at sunrise so I got out to Avon at 330. I fished a large popper for two blocks with no reaction. I just wasn't feeling Avon this morning. So I headed north to Deal and settled in there. It was around 5 a.m. and as I made my way onto the sand I decided to go left first, then fish right later. As I was casting I saw a hat light starting to make it's way across the beach. I knew who it was. I picked up and headed his way casting into the wash as I saw his light get smaller as he walked. Then I saw his hat light go off, then the glow of a match light as he lit a cigar, then a pause, then the hat light went on and move back towards the rocks. I knew over the five minutes what that meant. He made a cast, got a nice fish, and buried it in the sand for later. I learned later it was his first cast that got the nice 32" fish. 

We met up where he was and fished as first light turned to sun rise. I switched from topwater to Clouser as rainbait came in and moved across the wash. I managed a fluke that would have been just shy if it were in season. 

I hate to predict because I hate to predict, but this week should be the week where things pick up.