Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10.12.11 "Let the games begin!".... found small schoolies in the big wash

     What a difference a day makes! Got to Avon at 530 and went to work with my Orvis depth Charge line, short leader, black Clouser. Worked beautiful water down the beach towards the Shark River Inlet. Paused before the rocks and hooked up on a nice fish. I watched in horror as my line wrapped around my fingers holding the rod. I couldn't work fast enough to get the line free. The fish hit in the wash and there was no wiggle room. I took a step further as I made is worse, then snap went the fly. I was disappointed and then fished there for another 45 minutes without a bump. 

     I moved up to Ocean Grove and settled in near the fishing pier. There I found schoolies in the big wash. This is my favorite kind of water to fish, and I love the East wind in your face. A guy soaking clams up the beach from me hit three to 24 inches in about a half hour. This are starting to look up!, finally.