Monday, October 17, 2011

10.17.11 Didn't fish this morning but spent the day in pursuit of a new boat...someone beat me to it

"My" Jones Brothers boat on Friday evening
   I love to fish the water from the water. Either on the Upper Delaware, West Branch of the Ausable or Salmon River in the Adirondacks, or the beaches, groins, and jetties of the Jersey Shore. If I am in it, and wet, then I am usually happiest. It's just a matter of preference.

An old Mako I liked 

     Since the spring I have been looking at boats, a lot of them. Came close to pulling the trigger several times. I think the boat that I liked the most were Mako's in the 20-24 foot range. Some came with dual outboards. They were usually older, from the mid 1970's to the early 80's. I am lucky I didn't.
     When I worked for Dave Choinard at The Fly Hatch he was a Jones Brothers dealer. I knew him when the Jones Brothers LT 19'10 Light Tackle Cape Fisherman came out. I always looked for JBs or Parkers, but the models I needed were never around or out of my price range. In the early summer Marine Max in Mansquan had the top JB for sale. It was $ 12,500 and looked good on-line. I didn't jump on it and when I went to look at it in September it was gone off the lot, the owner had pulled it.


     So last week I decided to call Marine Max back to see if they had it again, they didn't, but another dealer in Point had it. So off I went. I liked what I saw. It was super clean and ready to roll. I took some pictures and told the guy I would be back over this past weekend. I went home and talked with the wife who is always very supportive. I reached out to Dave and some other guides who roll with JBs and they were very knowledgeable and helpful. Some suggested going for the 23 foot Cape Fisherman. I looked and looked and found a few for sale from throughout the country, problem was, for me, they started at the high 20's used.
     So this morning I loaded up my friend and we went for breakfast in Point Pleasant. After chow we headed down to the dealer to go and see what I thought for sure would be my boat. I had numbers and pitches and plans in my head on what I would say. I drove down Route 35 and parked dead next to the boat with the bow pointing to the street. I looked over to my friend and said, "There she is." The sun was just past the boat and it prevented me from seeing clearly. When I moved my head I looked over and saw it, simple, plain, almost rude, "SOLD". We spoke with the guy who works in the shop there who told us a few people were hot on it this weekend and one came by yesterday and bought it. I had a sick feeling in my gut that lasted most of the day.

Oh well, now I have to go to Plan B. You know what they say, "You snooze you lose!"

"My" Jones Brothers boat Monday morning