Thursday, October 20, 2011

10.20.11 Headed down to IBSP and Seaside for a look...

     Pictures won't do justice to conditions out there this morning. Headed south and went right to Area 23 at Island Beach State Park. There have been consistent reports of gator blues and bass being caught in the wash the last few days. I knew the wind would be a factor as I drove down and when I got on the beach I was right. The wind was blowing S-SW at 15-20 with gusts probably near 30. It bordered on a mini sandstorm. I tried to capture that in the image below. 

     The water was stained and even after the sun came up you couldn't see light through the breakers. I fished the wash for a bit while I walked down the beach and watched. There were two guys way down the beach soaking clams, and that was it. I got back in the truck and traced back to Seaside and stopped on the bay side to find waves breaking the wall and water flooding the streets. I stopped by the Funtown Pier and it didn't look promising for the fly rod. It was a quick ride down and back because today I start getting the boat ready for the water.