Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10.11.11 Finally the weather is changing...fished long and hard today...warned of spot burning!

     Well the weather finally turned a bit. It's cooling off, the winds shifted, the surf is roughed up...but we didn't see any bait or fish. This morning I met and fished with Rob Ceccarini from Orvis Manhattan. We were on the water by 530 a.m. and quickly went to work throwing poppers to a flat ocean. We mixed it up a bit fly wise and moved to the rocks were we didn't turn anything.
     We then hit the Grateful Deli in Loch Arbor for breakfast before hitting the incoming in Avon working from The Notch to The Cove. We also fished the Shark River Inlet also without a nothing. It was then up to Sandy Hook where we fished the Shrewsbury River side without a bump. After lunch at The Mad Hatter we gave Deal one more shot for the day. Conditions again looked really good, except for the high, bright sun. Off in the distance we could see boats and birds both on something. That is a good sign.

If there was a fish there today we would have got it to bite, we fished it that hard.

In other news I was approached today and warned that I am SPOT BURNING. A big no-no to anyone who writes or photographs about fishing. It is a cardinal rule that I broke. I thought I did a good job staying vague but I guess not. So, I won't return to that spot anymore.

 What a better combo for fly fishing, Orvis Mirage reels and Mallomars.