Monday, October 24, 2011

10.24.11 Hit it at night on the outgoing and the JB got a tune up

     The slow down with fishing has come at a good time as I've been busy shooting and editing for The New York Times and New Jersey Monthly since Friday. I decided today to pass on the slow fishing and give it a shot at night. I caught the outgoing in Ocean Grove and fished pretty hard without a take. There were guys and poles set up soaking bait off the Ocean Grove Fishing Club Pier but they shut down shortly after I arrived. Threw a Clouser with the Orvis Access into good looking water and met up with a guy coming from Bradley Beach who picked up a short on a black teaser.
     Today the JB got a tune up so things are moving nicely along with the boat. Got all the decals off and have buttoned down a soda blaster to handle the bottom paint after the seasons over.